R.I.P Oshare Curry 2010

It's unfortunate, but as we all know all good things must come to an end. The domains will run until they expire, and i will in turn change my emails (and notify those who need it!) and give great credit to those who have supported us, the site will be inactive, registrations disabled, but what's left of the articles will be left up until either mid december or the new year - maximum.


I will however, still keep the name , our hangout in SL - and continue to promote the ethos of Visual Asia.

Thank you everyone.

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Oshare Curry Staff Meeting and Intake November 29th

Oshare Curry Staff Meeting and Intake

November 29th 2010 - 8PM EST US TIME.
All staff are required to come.
If you're interseted in becoming staff, please attend this meeting.

Our meetings are held monthly, or practically monthly 
and are always held in that room.


Currently the RULE stands you must notify us that you cannot make it
or that your timezone is weird (Like Hawaii or Hong kong, UK or otherwise)
Reiko, aka me will not be attending this meeting and Toshi (Kristina) will be in total charge

We will pull staff from rosters permanatley if you dont communicate, as this is MY Final warning to you! :)
Show to the 29th meeting, and you will be spared :)

NEW PEOPLE: Just show up, tell us what you love and we'll find a place for you!


New: Oshare Curry Hangout in Antebellum - News coming soon on staff intake for Second Life.



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Pacific Media Expo: Mtang Productions!

Japan Panel @ PMX

*smiles* Welcome to the new world of Oshare Curry! This is just ONE thing we have jumped on board to support, many new things to come. We'll be featuring a few shared articles from there (THANKS IKARU!!!!!!!!!!) and waiting for you, the con-goers to come tell us what it's all about.

As you know; November (OR MOVEMBER!) is INTAKE MONTH :P meaning We're HIRING XD!  Want to come work for us (Sorry, we ran out of donuts at the last meeting) - either find us on facebook, there's a public event, http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=105073432894469 - and the following meeting http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=159659250737040 . So; if you're not on facebook find us on msn jillian.haldeman@beautifuldreamers.net or toshichi@live.com :)


We totally need people to help us in the following departments if you're willing to jump in before the intake meeting:


ALSO! WE ARE NOW IN DEVELOPMENT OF A SMALL HANGOUT IN SECOND LIFE (It's on a homestead sim, and it's not really a "CLUB" but we'll try to have events a couple times a month to have some fun)



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Kagrra Disbanding

PS COMPANY has announced in a news letter that visual key bans Kagrra will cease activities. As a final request from the members they have asked us to "Instead of using the word 'disbanded,' call it a 'demise' instead. "The band made this decision after multiple discussions and thank everyone that has supported and encouraged them during their ten-year career and hope that their fans will


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